February 06, 2017

SpongeBob Square Pants cake tutorial

Let me show you how I've made this Sponge Bob cake.

First, make your rectangle shaped cake :)

Roll yellow fondant and cover 2/3 of cake.

Use several ball tools and make holes in the cake, to make it look like sponge.

Roll some brown fondant, and cover the last third of the cake.

Transfer the image of Bob's face on piece of baking paper and cut details out of fondant...

...eyes, teeth...

...mouth and tongue.

Cut a white stripe for Bob's shirt,

and cut two triangles for collar.

Make sleeves.

Cut few stripes out of black fondant for belt.

Make arms...

...and legs.

Add socks.

Add to small brown balls for legs.

Make black shoes.

Cut red tie.

Now, just add everything on the cake.


Glue the eyes, ad eyelashes. 

Make nose.

Add more holes if needed.

Make cheeks with some red fondant.

August 17, 2016

Little Kingdom - Castle

I've promised some tome ago to post tutorials for castle and tree from my Little Kingdom cake. 

So, here is the one for the castle.

Roll a piece of white fondant, and use brick mold to make bricks. 

Take used roll from paper towel for castle tower. Glue fondant on a roll.

Make door and windows...

...and glue them on tower.

Make roof.

Cut white stripe and glue it on top of tower.

Roll a piece of brick red fondant.

Find a box or something round or oval that is suitable for holding your castle until it dries.
I've used plastic box.

Cut the bottom from red fondant.

Roll some grey fondant an make brick impression. 

Put it around the box, glue it on bottom and leave to dry.

Make details - door, flag, clover, flowers... 

When everything dries, glue it together.