March 31, 2014

First birthday colorful cake

This is an easy, colorful cake, great for kids. You can play with colors, shapes, bows, figures...

First, make stripes, (I've used 3cm and 1cm stripes), circles in diferent sizes, stars and whatever you want.

Cover your cake in white fondant.

On bottom tier put your stripes. I've put wide and narrow stripes in turn.

Put the top tier, decorate with circles.

Add some fondant beads.

My little b-day girl wanted her favorite teddy bear on top, lot of stars and a bow...well, her mom wanted it :)

March 26, 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh White Dragon figure tutorial

I've made this cake last week, and I think this is a great way to start this blog.
It's a Blue-Eyes White Dragon tutorial (or should I say Dragons, 'cause kid wanted two of them :) ).

First I've made dragon's body

The wood stick should go through the body and one leg, so keep that in mind when you put it.

Then I've done legs

Leave it to dry, and then put on the body.

It's time for head

Make tongue and teeth

and then wings - you can draw it freehand or find a picture and print it.

I tried to do wings separately and connected - separately is better (the other cracked and separated anyway)
Leave them to dry completely, then glue them on body, use pieces of fresh fondant or gumpaste.

Mine dragons have green swards, as requested.

I've put some yu-gi-oh cards, name... And kid loved the cake!