January 27, 2015

Snowmen's party - Part II: Baby Snowgirl

Let's continue with our snow people :)
It's time for this cute little baby snowgirl. And this is how I made her.

Make head and body first.

Add legs...

...and arms.

Don't forget carrot!

Make a hat, it's cold!

Make holes for eyes.

Roll fondant or gumpaste in 2-3 colours and twist them together to make candy cane.

Make scarf.

Add eyes.

Draw mouth.

Give candy to baby.

Make two small hearts and glue them on her legs.


January 04, 2015

Snowmen's party - Part I: Mr. Snowman

It's snowing!
My son is soooo happy, but I could go with summer some more....

But, let's pretend to be soooo happy about snowing and let's make snowmen! We'll have a little snowmen's party. 

Let's start with Mr. Snowman.

First make head and body.

Add arms.

Make carrot and attach it.

Draw eyes and smile :)

An gentleman never goes without his hat,

bow tie

or cane.

He's ready for the party. 
And I'll make his friends soon...