July 18, 2014

Half white, half chocolate wedding cake tutorial

Here is a short tutorial for wedding cake I've made recently. First prepare your cakes, mine had three tiers.
Roll out chocolate fondant, and cut straight on one side. Put it in the middle of your cake, and using sharp knife or other fondant tool cut off the excess, so it look like this. Leave it few mm to 1 cm wider, the white fondant will overlap it. That line you see is in the middle of the cake and mark where to put white fondant. 

Roll out white fondant, cut straight on one side and put it next to chocolate fondant, overlap to the line. Again, use knife or fondant tools to cut the excess. It doesn't have to be perfect, you will cover that later. 

Stack your tiers and pour melted, slightly cooled chocolate (keep the cake in the fridge, so chocolate will cool fast)  That's what I did. Next time I will try to pour chocolate on first tier, than stack second, pour chocolate on it and then put top tier. I believe it will look better. 

Add decorations on white side. I've used Wilton's "Baroque fondant and gum paste mold"

Roll out piece of white fondant (make sure it's long enough, I've made my shorter, but found an solution :) )

Put some wooden sticks on your working surface.

Put the fondant on the sticks and then gather them to fold the fondant. Then remove the sticks.

Make two drapes and glue them on the sides of the cake. Make sure the drapes cover line between chocolate and white fondant and any imperfection on the cake :)

 If you make long enough drapes, you can glue them on the top of the cake. I didn't, so I had to make a third drape, and put in over the top tier.
I've put some strawberries dipped in chocolate on chocolate side of cake.
I've made bride and groom topper, but unfortunately don't have a tutorial for them. Hope to make one soon :)


  1. am just thinking.. if you pour the chocolates on the brown side before you stack them up, what is the proper way to stack them without touching the chocolate side?

  2. Actually, I thought to pour chocolate on bottom tier first, then put middle tier (without chocolate) on top of it, then pour chocolate on middle tier... etc.
    This sound complicated, but it's not :) I think it would look better. Hope that I'll have opportunity to try this soon.
    If you do before me, please let me know the results :)

  3. thanks sugar and art for the whole tutorial :)!

  4. have one of these to make next year so this was very helpful thank you for sharing :)

  5. Have one to try this year thanks

  6. Do you think this technique could be used with buttercream frosting? Please respond asap. Thanks

  7. Do you think this technique could be used with buttercream frosting? Please respond ASAP. Thanks

  8. I'm not sure, because I usually don't use buttercream, but I guess it could be done...You just have to be careful and try to cool down chocolate as much as possible - to stay liquid so you can pour it but not to be hot, 'cause it will melt down buttercream. You could put your cake in the freezer for a while, so the chocolate will harden fast, without melting your buttercream... If you decide to try it, please let us know how it worked! Good luck!

  9. thanks for this usefull article, waiting for this article like this again. louise cakes and things hoover al

  10. I have no words to thank you!!!! I've been looking for this for a Kong time


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