July 21, 2014

Minion cake tutorial

Here is one really cute Minion, having a cupcake party :)  I've made it a while ago and now I'll share it.

Make your cake, and form it like this. You can carve it if it's firm enough or stack two cakes one on the top of the other, like I did. I've put hidden cardboard between cakes, made that top of cake using a bowl, and cover it all together in buttercream. 

Cover the cake in yellow fondant. 

Roll out blue fondant and cut the pants for minon

Use this tool to make stitches on the jeans.

You can find similar tool in my store
Make a pocket and put in on the pants.

Now do the eyes

And mouth

Add arms and legs

Do the hair

I gave him a little party hat, and made some lemon and after eight cupcakes.

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