August 02, 2014

Darth Vader cake tutorial

Remember this cake?

Like I've promised here's a tutorial.
We decided this cake to be yellow and blue, so I've cut blue circle (using my cake ring) to be the bottom, 'cause my cake was iced with whipping cream. You can do this, or you can put the image directly on the cake if it's covered with fondant.

First, draw a picture on wax paper.

Then, transfer the image on white fondant.

Cut it and glue on a blue circle.

Than, do it in black fondant,

Cut the holes,

And glue it on white piece. Put it on top of your cake. Mine was iced with yellow coloured whipping cream.

Add stars.

Decorate it with blue coloured whipping cream. Here I've used Wilton's 1M tip.

On the sides I've added some blue sugar sprinkles.

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