August 12, 2014

My son's birthday cakes - Part II

At the age of 4 my son realized that I can make cakes. He knew that I can make anything he wants. ANYTHING!
So, here's how the conversation goes:

Me:  "It's your birthday soon. What cake would you like?"
Him: "Peppa... Peppa pig.
          And George.
          And mother and father.
          And grandmother and grandfather.
          And ALL of their friends.
          And I want the sun to rises on one side, and on the other side the moon should set"

Me: "OK"

And here is the result

By the age of 5, mommy was already an cake expert :) This time his wish was Little kingdom, of course with Ben, Holly, Nanny Plum, King and Queen, all of the Elfs, Gaston.... But he was happy with this, anyway.
* update - I've made a tutorials for Little kingdom characters  and castle, check out on the blog :)

Then, Smurfs became sooo popular, and of course for his 6th birthday I had to make Smurfs cake. I decided to do the old Smurfs - I like them more and they are much easier to make :)
and here is the tutorial for Smurfs

By now you realized that my son is not crazed about "boy's stuff" - no super heroes cakes, no guns, diggers or cars... These cakes could be made for any girl as well. 

This year in January we finally went to see "Frozen" movie. You can guess, of course what cake I've made for this birthday... No? Really?


And there is a story about this cake.. Every year around his birthday I get sooooo busy, and this year was worse than ever. Beside the job I had to do, I planed the whole Frozen themed party.
By the end I though that I won't have time to make this figures. I bought him plastic Frozen figures, and while we were looking  Frozen cakes photos we "accidentally" came across one that had just the same figures on top, and he shouted "Look mom, just like my figures! We can use them, you don't have to bother making them!" And I felt really bad for even thinking to put plastic toppers on his cake, so I made them... I mean, it would be really embarrassing for me to put plastic figures on my son's cake :) 
* I've made tutorials for Olaf, Anna and Elsa too :)

By the next birthday we can get anywhere - We just finished reading "Wizard of Oz" and he loves it! We started "Harry Potter" books. There will be so many new cartoons and movies by his 8th birthday, I can't even guess what shall it be! 

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