August 09, 2014

My son's birthday cakes

He is my soul mate, love of my life and he deserves credit for the fact that I started to decorate cakes. Like most of us did :)
His first birthday was such a big thing to us, and I didn't want to order cake, it was important to me to do it myself.
I didn't know what fondant is, had no idea where to get some, so I've made it using a recipe found on Internet. The cake was supposed to look like his favorite toy - train.

 I was not sure whether or not to share these images with you, but I imagine it might be a comfort to those who are just beginning with decorating cakes, as well as a kind of summary of my progress.
In any case, even if they're not perfect, they are fulfilled with love.
And this could be reminder to all of us that behind those perfect cakes and decorations stand years of hard work, learning, trials and failures...

So, here it is - my son's first birthday cake and my first fondant decorated cake:

Replica of his favourite toy - train. I was very proud (at that time) that he pressed a button on cake hoping that it'll make sound just like his toy :)

And another one for the party

Second birthday came and it was time to make another cake. In the meantime I didn't decorate any cake, so there was no opportunity to improve my skills. This time I chose simple Noddy cake, which thrilled all of our little guests, but my son didn't even noticed it! He was looking only in his "W" cake - he had just learned letters, and W was his favorite one.

By his 3rd birthday he was able to choose how the cake will look - it was Noddy again, but it had to be his favorite episode - Magical Moondust, so I've made a scene from this episode.

There was another simple Noddy cake and some Noddy cupcakes.

Then I was seriosly suggested to start making cakes as buisiness, and soon after that I actually realized that there was a market for this (I honestly thought that everybody bakes their own cakes, fortunately I was wrong :) )
Then I started making cakes for my large family and friends, their guests started ordering from me... so here I am now.

There are 4 more birthdays that followed, but lets save them for some other time...

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