April 16, 2015

Jessie - Toy story cake

This one was made a while ago, for my friends daughter.
I love these 2 D picture decorations, they're quite easy to make, and very effective.
First you have to find a nice picture. You can print it or like I usually do, strike out from screen to piece of baking paper.  

Than, all you have to do is cut off pieces of fondant or gumpaste in matching colours, and like solving puzzle, glue pieces together. Even though this is pretty much easy, it is very time consuming. 

This is how I made my Jessie. Not every step of the way is on photographs. If I've done that I would probably still cut this... There's just enough photos of my progress so you can get an idea :)

First cut the lightest colours... all white and skin toned pieces. Then cut the rest - hair, hat, shirt, pants...Glue everything together. 
Once finished leave it to dry. 

Then draw all details, like eyebrows, eyelashes, details on her shirt and hat...

When she's done, prepare the cake.

Cover the cake in white fondant. 
Using really thin brush or edible liners outline the cow pattern. Take brush and black gel colour and colour the pattern. 

Leave it to dry and add your Jessie fondant picture. 

March 11, 2015

Snowmen's party - Part III: Our last guest -Old fashioned snowman

Spring is coming soon, so we should finish our snowmen's party before they all melt...

Our last guest for this winter is this old fashioned snowman... with pot instead a hat.
He is really easy to make and he's so cute :)

Use three balls for this snowman. Make nose and draw mouth.

Make two branches for arms and put wire inside.

Put arms in the body and glue them.

 Using blue gumpaste, make a pot...

Add dots and handles.

Glue it on our friend's head.

Add black dots for eyes and he's ready to join the party!

Visit our other guests - Elegant Mr. Snowman and Cute baby snowgirl.

January 27, 2015

Snowmen's party - Part II: Baby Snowgirl

Let's continue with our snow people :)
It's time for this cute little baby snowgirl. And this is how I made her.

Make head and body first.

Add legs...

...and arms.

Don't forget carrot!

Make a hat, it's cold!

Make holes for eyes.

Roll fondant or gumpaste in 2-3 colours and twist them together to make candy cane.

Make scarf.

Add eyes.

Draw mouth.

Give candy to baby.

Make two small hearts and glue them on her legs.