March 11, 2015

Snowmen's party - Part III: Our last guest -Old fashioned snowman

Spring is coming soon, so we should finish our snowmen's party before they all melt...

Our last guest for this winter is this old fashioned snowman... with pot instead a hat.
He is really easy to make and he's so cute :)

Use three balls for this snowman. Make nose and draw mouth.

Make two branches for arms and put wire inside.

Put arms in the body and glue them.

 Using blue gumpaste, make a pot...

Add dots and handles.

Glue it on our friend's head.

See that tools in the background? You can find those at my MakeACakeSupplies store

Add black dots for eyes and he's ready to join the party!

Visit our other guests - Elegant Mr. Snowman and Cute baby snowgirl.

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