July 05, 2014

My little pony - Rainbow Dash cake tutorial

This is an simple and beautiful colorful cake I've made for a little girl. 
You'll see step by step tutorial for Rainbow Dash, rainbow and colorful petals on cake. 

Here we go...
First, transfer the picture of Rainbow Dash on wax paper, and cut the whole body in blue fondant. 


Use toothpick, pencil or fondant tools to transfer the image on fondant.

Transfer and cut pieces in other colors.

Cut the wings and glue it on the body.

Then, cut the circles of white, purple and black for the eyes.

Add the cutie mark and Rainbow Dash is done. 

For rainbow roll yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and red fondant. Glue them together. (I do them in this order - from lighter to darker so I don't have to wash hands between the colors :) )

Cut off the edges.

Use wooden sticks to hold the rainbow.

Cut the petals in rainbow colors.

Glue them on cake covered in fondant.

Add Raibow Dash and rainbow, some clouds and your cake is done.


  1. what kind of fondant did you use for the rainbow .... I have tried a few different mixtures & mine breaks!

  2. If all of the mixures break then then you should try:
    - make the rainbow a bit thicker, so the wooden sticks dont't break it
    - make it in advance, so you can leave it to dry completely - this is very important for all fondant and gumpaste figures and decorations
    - I'll post a photo of mine broken rainbow (it broke 'cause I was moving it around before it dried) and how I fixed that, did'nt have time to make a new one :)

  3. thank you :) i have been searching everywhere for this :D

  4. Thank you very much. it was of great help to me.

  5. What do you use to glue the fondant?

    1. I'm usually using just the water as glue, specially with this flat details. When I need stronger glue I add piece of fondant or gumpaste in water, wait few minutes and use that as glue.

      P.S.I'm really sorry you had to wait so long for my answer.

  6. Hi, what tin size did you use for the cake please?

    1. Hi, sorry for this late answer, just messed up something and couldn't see comments for a while. I believe that this cake was 24 cm in diameter, which is cca 10 inches. However, the size of the cake depends on how many people you want to serve, you can apply this decoration at any size. Hope this was helpful :)


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