July 07, 2014


This is an short tutorial to help you transfer edible images on little pieces of fondant. The girl wanted all Disney princesses on her castle cake, so this was great solution.

First, cover your cake in fondant. We chose pink colour.


Add more tiers if you need it, I've put two tiers.
Roll pink fondant and cut the walls for the castle. Glue them around the cake.

Prepare fondant in white, different shades of pink and purple, tools. Cut the images of princesses (it was printed on A4 format).

Cut the windows in white fondant. Use the shape you like, I did it like this.

Apply just a little water, use thin brush

Put the image and press gently. Be careful, the image will melt if there is too much watter, don't move it, it's very sensitive.

Use scissors and cut the paper in window shape.

I've used purple fondant to make door and frames for windows. I have this great silicone mold for wood texture.

You can find this mold at my shop MakeACakeSupplies

Add door, windows with princesses and the details you like on your castle. I've put silver crown for princess, some flowers and butterflies.

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