July 09, 2014

Theme of the month July - Cherries and Berries

I just love July. My birthday is in July, it's summer, it's warm, it's vacation time... and there are cherries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries...

So, what could be a better theme for July then this. There are a thousand ways to eat them, there are millions of pictures around the web, so it was really hard to choose just these photos :)
These are some pics I've found on internet, but soon I'll post my favorite recipes with berries. So, keep follow, you don't want to miss them!
Now some great ideas:

Try them in the cake

Tarts and pies

Maybe, with chocolate?

Or cupcake...

What is better, on a hot summer day then some ice cream?

You can, also try something like this

Or, maybe it's best this way

Source HERE

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