August 31, 2014

First day of school cakes

I'm so proud - tomorrow is my boy's first day of school! And you can see the surprise I've made for him. It's his favourite Chocolate cake.

My best friend's daughter and my sister's daughter are starting school too, and here are cakes I've made for them. There will be a lot of surprises tomorrow :)

And here are some old ones with same theme.
This one I've made last year to celebrate beginning of  my son's preschool.

And one ordered


August 23, 2014

Frozen - Olaf figure tutorial

This Frozen cake I've made for my friend's daughter. I took photos of my progress, and now I'll share this step-by-step tutorial.

First, gumpaste Olaf tutorial.

Start with Olaf's head.

Add mouth...

...and eyes

Don't forget carrot! 

It's not an perfect carrot, so give it some curves.

Make his tooth.

Add black dots for pupils on the eyes.

Now, make the body

And legs

Use brown gumpaste for hands

Attach them using a wire.

And glue everything together.

Draw eyebrows and make Olaf's hair.

Add black buttons.

And here he is!

Keep following, there will be Anna and Elsa tutorial soon!

August 19, 2014

Elf Ben gumpaste figure tutorial

After Princess Holly and Nanny Plum it's time for an Elf.
So, here it is:

Make head, just like you've made Holly's.

Make body, arms and hands.

And of course a trumpet

Make Ben's legs. I did it like this.

Add legs and shoes.

Attach a head.

For hair, cut the orange circle

Roll it

And cut it like this.

Glue on a head.

Don't forget ears!

Make hat and oak leaf.

And Ben is done!