August 15, 2014

Little Kingdom - Princess Holly gumpaste figure tutorial

As I promissed, I'm posting  Little Kingdom characters tutorials.
I'll start with Princess Holly gumpaste figure.

First, make head. Make a simple ball and add eyes.

Then make nose. 

Leave it to dry.

In the meantime make a body

Make sure that the size of a body matches the head.

Add hands and put the handle of magic wand in her hands.

Leave it to dry.

Tip: Always leave parts of your figures to dry, I ussualy leave them overnight.

Once it's dry, add black dots for pupils,

draw mouth 

and eyelashes and eyebrows.

Glue the head on the body (I've used toothpick to secure them, it goes throuh body and head). Add an star on her magic wand.

Make legs

and then little shoes.

Modeling tools available at MakeMeACakeSupplies

For hair, add some yellow on the back of the head,

then cut two triangles and glue on the sides.

Make wings. I've used rose petal cutter to mark it on white gumpaste.

Cut it and glue on her back.

Make a crown

Put your Princess Holly on a cake

Ben, Nanny Plum, Mrs Witch, Little castle, Elf Tree, Mrs Witch's house tutorials will be available soon.

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