August 17, 2014

Nanny Plum figure tutorial

I adore Nanny Plum. She's so funny and silly :)
And you can make her like this:

Make her head, just like you've made Princess Holly's, but make it a bit oval shaped, not round.

Make body.

Add hands, and magic wand.

Glue head on the body.

Here's how I've made her hair... It's not necessary to follow this instructions :)

I've cut black circle

Rolled it a little

When I've made this for the first time, I remember cutting it something like this...

But when I've put it on Nanny's head I realized that something is wrong. This shape is for...

Ninja Nanny!

So, I had to take sccissors and gave her a nice haircut!

You can do it like that or use that Princess Holly tutorial for hair. 

Add legs, shoes and wings (Tutorials for that is HERE)

Put her on cake. 

Check out the rest of Little Kingsom tutorials (Princess Holly, Elf Ben, Mrs Whitch and her House, Little Castle and Elf Tree) 

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