September 26, 2014

Simple and cute baby cake topper tutorial

This was an cute "Welcome baby" cake and I'll share this tutorial with you. It's sooo simple and fast, but so cute!

First, make baby's head.

Than, using fondant tools, make baby's smile and sleeping eyes.

Tools available at MakeACakeSupplies store

Add little nose

Make body. You don't have to work on details, we will put blanket over it.

Attach head.

Make arms and glue them on baby's body.

For blanket, roll pink fondant and cut the piece big enough to cover the baby.

Then, make stitches using ruler and this have-no-idea-what-it's-called tool. I have it for sewing too.

Make small flowers, and put them on blanket.

This metal ball tool can be found at MakeACakeSupplies

I had this small silver pearls, so I've used them ,but you can make some out of fondant or gumpaste.

For the end make one lock of hair and glue it on baby's head. (I've made this cute blond lock, then had to change it in black)

 And here it is - really fast and simple adorable baby topper!

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