October 03, 2014

Disney Frozen - Elsa gumpaste figure tutorial

Just to remind you of my Frozen cakes. First one was made for my son, and other for my friend's daughter. 

And for beginning - "Let it go, let it goooo..."  - this is just to show you what I'm dealing with, every day, ALL day long. "Let it go" in English, "let it go" in 25 languages, "Let it go" like Mickey Mouse... it never ends. 
Funny side is that my cute little boy wants me to record him imitating Elsa, so I have a ton of blackmailing material for teenage days that will come... ;)

And to start with tutorial (if you want you can listen to this). I'll go with something else....

First, make head. (I'm using same mold that I've used for Anna).

Add eyes and paint mouth, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Make torso and shape it till you're satisfied.

I'll quote myself :
"For bottom, I've used some leftovers of gumpaste, and mixed them. For both Anna and Elsa  I've tried to shape them to get hips, so the skirt and dress look nice, but to be stable enough"

Keep modeling it till you get perfect shape.

Than, take the torso off and leave the parts of body to dry.
Then proceed with dress.

Cut the gumpaste for skirt.

This is how it looked when I put it on figure.

I was not happy with it, so I took it off and added some gumpaste on the bottom, to get better shape of dress.  

I've added some on the back, and some to make pleats.

Now, it looks like this. Better?

I wanted to show you this, just to remind you that you can always repair parts you're not satisfied with. You just relax and don't be afraid to try something even if it seems stupid. It's the best way to learn - through trials and mistakes.  

At the back, cut off any excess and here is a little trick...

Dip the tool into water and gently press against edges.

This will be covered with Elsa's cape, so I didn't do perfect job... 

For top cut the rectangle.

In the middle cut little triangle, for cleavage.

Cut off edges, to get round shape.

At bottom cut it like this.

Glue it on Elsa, and cut around if needed.

 For the cape cut this triangle-like shape

I've used same method that I use for drapes. 
Just put wooden sticks on working surface.

Put the piece of gumaste on, and press it a little.

Make arms

Using the wet tool make that edges invisible.

Glue the head.

Make base for the hair, shape it so the head doesn't look flat (like that on Anna in the back).

Make braid and attach it.

Make locks of hair, different shapes and sizes and keep adding them 'till it looks right to you.

Now just add some glitter. 
And some more..

And Elsa is finaly done, Olaf and Anna too, so I can really Let it go. For now.

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