November 12, 2014

Colours of October - Orange and Brown

When I was younger I hated autumns. I used to be sad 'cause summers are over. I hated short days (OK, still do), rainy days, that feeling that everything is ending...
Over the years I learned to appreciate it. The autumn is so rich, mature, full of ripe fruits, colours...

So, choosing colour of October was not easy - there are so many of them out there!
But, finally I decided for Orange and Brown, not just because they are true autumn colours, but they were MY weeding colour combination.

I made all of my wedding decorations but at that time I wasn't even thinking of making cakes, so I ordered one. Recently, my son wanted to look at our wedding photos, and when we got to the photos of our cake my husband started laughing - he thought it was ridiculous.
I surely wouldn't order cake like that now, but at the time it looked perfect! Things have changed since and decorating cakes became more of the art, trends are new, so I am still happy with my wedding cake.

If you like that colour combination and planning a wedding, here are some modern, beautiful orange and brown wedding cakes.

All photos found on  Pinterest

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