November 17, 2014

My top 10 cake decorating tools

In my posts I often mention fondant tools, cutters etc.
When I started making cakes, I had nothing but kitchen knife, old wooden rolling pin and few plastic cookie cutters.
As my business grew, I started buying tools and kitchen accessories. I became one of those craft ladies who buys tools and wear one pair of shoes for years :)
Now I have large collection of different tools, molds, cutters... Not all of them are necessary for baking and cake decorating, but they are very, very helpful.
If you are a beginner it's really hard to choose what to buy, there are thousands of different tools out there. I do have some of tools that I've used only ones, and now they're sitting in my kitchen doing nothing.
I'll show you tools I use (some of those links are affiliate links). Keep in mind that there are lot of similar tools made by different manufacturers and that there could be slight quality difference.

1. Fondant smoother

This is the first tool I've bought. I couldn't work without it anymore. It's the best thing that will help you smooth fondant on the cake.
I use it on every cake covered with fondant. Here is me using it for my Disney princess castle

2, Fondant modeling set

When I say fondant tools I often refer to this set. I use this very often, for modeling figures, for flowers, details on the cake...

3. Metal ball modeling tool

It's great for making gumpaste flowers, but it can be used in many more ways. Like this...

4. Rolling pin

To tell you the truth, I'm still using the same old wooden rolling pin, you can see it in the background

but I'll soon go shop something like this

5. Craft knife with different blades set

 Here are some great offers (no pics of me cutting the fondant, 'cause I have to be careful while cutting :) )

6. Flower cutters set

This is Wilton set I have and I use it often. There are different size and shape flowers and leaves cutters and beautiful small wooden rolling pin in the set.

They have this new set now.

7. Cookie cutters

You can use them for cookies or fondant decorations... These are some of cutters I have and use often.

Wilton's 101 piece cookie cutters - there are letters, numbers and different holidays shaped cutters inside.

8. Silicone molds

There are tons of amazing silicone molds for fondant and gumpaste. I have few of them and I want to have so much more...

Winx Bloom cake

Wedding cake

9. Plunger cutters 

Stars, flowers, snowflakes, hearts, butterflies... They are amazing, easy to work with.
Here they are on some of my cakes.

Snowflakes on my Angry birds Star wars cake

Snowflakes on my Frozen cake


Stars on my Star wars cake


Hearts on my Winx cake


Butterflies on my Peacock cake

And much more...


10. Icing tools 

 And for my cakes decorated with whiping cream or buttercream I use this

Chocolate transfer and whipped cream decoration

Whipped cream roses

November 12, 2014

Colours of October - Orange and Brown

When I was younger I hated autumns. I used to be sad 'cause summers are over. I hated short days (OK, still do), rainy days, that feeling that everything is ending...
Over the years I learned to appreciate it. The autumn is so rich, mature, full of ripe fruits, colours...

So, choosing colour of October was not easy - there are so many of them out there!
But, finally I decided for Orange and Brown, not just because they are true autumn colours, but they were MY weeding colour combination.

I made all of my wedding decorations but at that time I wasn't even thinking of making cakes, so I ordered one. Recently, my son wanted to look at our wedding photos, and when we got to the photos of our cake my husband started laughing - he thought it was ridiculous.
I surely wouldn't order cake like that now, but at the time it looked perfect! Things have changed since and decorating cakes became more of the art, trends are new, so I am still happy with my wedding cake.

If you like that colour combination and planning a wedding, here are some modern, beautiful orange and brown wedding cakes.

All photos found on  Pinterest